North Texas Chapter Labor Assistance Professionals

Labor Assistance Professionals is an organization composed of members of trade unions, or their management counterparts who participate in joint union/management programs, who provide direct employee/member assistance to members and their families through labor-based peer assistance programs.

The National Labor Assistance Professionals (LAP) has been formed exclusively to achieve the educational objectives identified in the below mission statement. It has been adopted by vote of the Board of Directors (downloadable copy of the LAP mission statement is available at the link at top of page).

We are committed to ensuring the availability of quality and effective chemical dependency and mental health treatment services for workers and their families by promoting the value and efficacy of such services to those within the workplace.

We are dedicated to enhancing the competency and availability of Labor Assistance Professionals and Programs through networking opportunities, continuing education, and professional certification.

We are dedicated to increasing the recognition of the key role Labor Assistance Programs have in advancing workplace wellness and safety by serving as the voice of EAP with a specialized sensitivity to organized labor within the Behavioral Health Care industry.

What is LAP?

LAP, North Texas Chapter
Lynn Taubeneck - President
Ronald Stinson - Vice President
Kelly Cooper - Secretary/Treasurer